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Using AutoHotkey to switch Virtual Desktops in Windows 10.


One of the best features windows 10 multiple desktops shortcut free Windows 10 windows 10 multiple desktops shortcut free the Task Viewwhich you can use to create virtual desktops. These desktops are a great way to distribute and organize the windows of your open applications. However, one feature not provided by Microsoft is the ability to instantly switch to a specific virtual desktop with a keyboard dezktops. Windows 10 multiple desktops shortcut free would be easier to have a shortcut that automatically switches to desktop number 6, regardless of which desktop you're using.

This tutorial shows you how to create keyboard shortcuts to switch directly to any virtual desktop by number. We accomplish this using the free Windows utility, AutoHotkey. The script on this page is based on Windows Desktop Switcheran open source script hosted mlutiple GitHub at github. The script works by keeping track of which virtual desktop you're currently using. Holding down multlple winkey and pressing увидеть больше number between 1 and 9 automatically switches left or right the correct number of times to windows 10 multiple desktops shortcut free to the desired desktop.

If you press the number of a desktop that doesn't exist yet, nothing will happen. To test it out, first create a new virtual desktop. Do this once for each new virtual desktop you want to create.

Each additional desktop is oriented to the right of the previous. Now, you can switch to any of these desktops using mlutiple keyboard shortcuts defined in the script. Hold down Windows key and press a number deektops 1 and 9and you are automatically switched to shoftcut numbered desktop. To stop using the script, go to your system tray and right-click the AutoHotkey iconwhich looks like a big green "H" to bring up the AutoHotkey Windows Notification menu. Any of these actions return your shortvut to normal.

To run the script automatically every time you start Windows, move the script to your Startup folder. However, you also can access the Startup folder directly by моему adobe illustrator cc 17 free где the full directory path in the Run box. For instance, you can type this in the Run box:. Now move your script to this folder. If you still have your Documents folder open in another window, drag-and-drop AutoHotkey.

If you decide that you don't want to run the script automatically every 1 you start Windows, open this folder again and move the script somewhere else. You can always читать it manually by double-clicking it, no matter where it is on your computer. If you're on one of these windows when trying hotkeys, it uses the Windows hotkey behavior, and opens something from your Taskbar instead of a new desktop.

Another thing to keep in mind is that AutoHotkey is actually switching left and right between your virtual desktops, quickly, one by one. If it bumps into a virtual desktop where one of these special windows 10 multiple desktops shortcut free is open, it stops switching and stays on that desktop. Unfortunately, the default Windows shortcuts windows 10 multiple desktops shortcut free be disabled, which is inconvenient, but unless you have one of these application adobe acrobat xi pro compare free download open, the AutoHotkey script works fine.

However, if you prefer, you can edit your AutoHotkey script to use a 100 key combination. In Notepad, open the AutoHotkey file. Windows 10 multiple desktops shortcut free you already have the Startup folder open, you can drag-and-drop the icon onto the Notepad window to open the file.

When the file is open, you can make changes to the script to suit your needs. Save your changes, and double-click the script to update it in AutoHotkey. If you made any mistakes in your script, AutoHotkey does not run it, and gives you an error message. Otherwise, it asks you if you want to update the script that is already running:. If you have an idea for a different hotkey combination, you can change it to any hotkey combination that is not already in use.

AutoHotkey has its own special words and characters that it uses for representing keyboard keys in windows 10 multiple desktops shortcut free scripts. For instance, the Ctrl key is represented by an exclamation mark.

Then the lines wndows look like multiplle. This rule is one of the special rules AutoHotkey winvows in its scripting language.

You can find a complete list of all the special words and symbols for AutoHotkey scripts on the AutoHotkey list of keys page.

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